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The Shoebox appeal has been run very successfully by Pete and Sonia Wright for a number of years. This year, we have decided to help in a slightly different way. If, like me, you never seem to find the time to get to the shops and, once there, are unsure as to what to buy, why not make a donation instead? £15 will pay for a shoebox and include all postage and packaging costs. Either give cash or cheque to Pete or donate via BACS into our club account remebering to email Pete to let him know. He and Sonia will then spend your money wisely!

Once all the presents have been bought, we're going to have a packing evening at Oakwood to help make sure that all the boxes contain similar items and are packaged correctly so they don't get held up in customs. We will be doing this on 21st November and hope for a really good turnout.