Crocus Corm Planting

21st October 2017 By: Pete Wright

Continuing Rotary's campaign to eradicate polio and to mark annual Polio Day on 24th October we were out in Tovil and East Farleigh planting purple crocus corms. Purple For Polio represents the ink dye put on the finger of each child immunised against Polio in the few countries where this terrible disease still persists. Thanks to Chas for taking the pictures.

You dig it, I'll plant it!
Tools of the trade
Now where did we leave the bucket?
No, it goes in that way up!
Taking a well-earned break

Handover 2017

1st July 2017 By: Nic Brokenshire

A great Handover celebration at the Mughal Dynasty on Saturday. President Steve bowed out with another of his famous low-key speeches (I'm beginning to think that it's him not me who resembles Jeremy Corbyn more!). At the end of his speech he 'phlabberghasted' Lloyd and Ratty with well-deserved Paul Harris Fellowships. It's rare to see either of them lost for words so another reason to make this a day to remember!

Finally, he handed over the chain of office to me and, unlike Lloyd's PHF, managed not to drop it! I then handed over the role of President Elect to Catherine. I have every confidence that she'll do a fabulous job!

My grateful thanks to all of you who dug deep into your social calendars and turned out on the day. It wouldn't have been half as much fun if you all hadn't been there! Photos below:

Now, don't drop it!
Ratty looking slightly non-plussed!
Winners all!
Is that pleasure or resignation?
Catherine gets her gong (all she needs to do now is teach her husband how to take better photos)!

Ready for the feast.
We've got the beers!
Now, where are those papadams?

Know Your Bloodpressure Day

22nd April 2017 By: Nic Brokenshire

Thanks to Norman, Clive, Chas and Pete for helping to organise this year's event which couldn't have taken place without the generosity of The Mall for allowing us the use of their space, the guys and gals from the Urban Blue Bus for doing all the technical stuff and the Maidstone Baptist Church for the loan of their tables and chairs. The photos below were taken by Chas.

That'll do nicely.
Checking the paperwork.
He's certainly not camera shy!
Auditioning for the sequel to 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'!
Clive and his ShelterBox.

Ten Pin Bowling with Crossroads

10th March 2017 By: Clive Bradburn

Riverside Rotary entertained the young carers from the charity Crossroads, to our annual evening of 10 pin bowling. The carers were joined by two young people from Invicta Interact Club and members of our Rotary Club. The teams were a combination of adults and young people and a fun time was had by all. After the games everyone enjoyed a hot snack and drink. Special thanks go to Geoff Wood, who organised and managed the arrangements on the night.

Young Chef Competition January 2017

28th January 2017 By: Clive Bradburn

The district Young Chef competition was held at New Line Learning Academy Maidstone on Saturday 28th January 2017.

Clubs in the district had held local competitions since September 2016 and their winning students gained a place in the District Final. The students, who were aged between 14 and 17, had to prepare a three-course meal within two hours for £15 or less. They were marked on taste, nutritional value, cost, organizational skills and the table layout.

Six students took part sponsored by the Rotary clubs of Senlac, Eastbourne AM, Maidstone Riverside, Darenth Valley, Tenterden and Uckfield.

This year we invited the winner of Kent Cooks, organised by KM Charity, to take part in the competition. We hope that this is the beginning of working with another local charity.

The judges were very pleased with the standard of cooking and awarded first place to Jamie Monaghan, 16, from Longfield Academy and second place to Will Rogers, 14, from Homewood School. The winners will now go forward to the Rotary Region 4 final.

May I thank all those who helped on the day, especially the judges who gave such encouragement and valuable advice to the students, without them the event could not take place.

Carolyn Bassett and Steve Elms
Organisers District Young Chef

"A study in concentration"
"Would you like pepper with that?"
"Another Fine Mess!"
"Look out, it's the food inspector!"
"Everyone a winner"

Swimrelay 2016

12th November 2016 By: Nic Brokenshire

Sunday 6th November was marked by our second SwimRelay event held at and thanks to the generosity of the Mote Park Leisure Centre. The article below says it all but, as a club, we thank Clive Bradburn for his tireless efforts to make the event such a success. It is hoped that the event can continue into the future and become a major fundraiser for the club.

Article courtesy of Kent Messenger Friday, November 11th.
Click here to watch a 3 minute video of the event.

The Blue Bus

13th August 2016 By: Clive Bradburn

Four members of The Rotary Club of Maidstone Riverside visited Maidstone’s Urban Blue Bus on Saturday night and officially handed over the new patient chair that the club had recently donated.

Past President Mary Lynn, volunteered to try out the chair and the Urban Blue Bus team demonstrated how much easier this chair is to use rather than the old standard type.


The leader of the Bus Team, Val Jacobs explained that the chair has already been put to good use on many occasions. Val said “ We often have to move young people from where they have been taken ill or injured to the bus where we can treat them for minor problems. Where it is necessary to call for an ambulance the chair is a quick and easy means for us to have the patient ready when it arrives.”

Every Saturday night the Urban Blue Bus team will be available in the town centre to provide medical facilities to those presenting with minor injuries. They also give emotional support, drug and alcohol counselling and other support to vulnerable people in need of assistance and practical help.


Riverside Rotary have been pleased to assist with this amazing community project which has been running successfully in Maidstone for over seven years now.

downs mailbus pr

Our thanks to Clive for getting the story in the KM and Downs Mail.

Hayley's Heroes

10th August 2016 By: Clive Bradburn

Interact Club Raises £1000 to help Cancer Sufferers

Daniel Mcquarrie, the retiring President of the Interact Club at Maidstone Grammar School, nominated the charity, Hayley’s Heroes to receive a £1000 donation in his final year at the school. The Interact Club, chartered in 2002, operates under the guidance of Maidstone Riverside Rotary Club. Interact clubs are based on Rotary principles but manage their own charity fund raising and activities.

Rotarian Geoff Wood said ‘ We are extremely proud of our young Interactors, who do so much for the local community whilst still having to work hard for exams and prepare for university and future working lives”

Hayley’s Heroes is a local Registered Charity, formed two years ago during Hayley’s lifetime. It has a mission to offer young adult cancer sufferers, their close family and friends, a magical wish to create special memories during the toughest of times.

hayleys heroes Geoff Wood, along with the charity’s committee members Zoe Bridges, Emma Stafford and Charlotte Green are pictured receiving the £1000 cheque from Daniel in the grounds of the Tudor Park Hotel at Bearsted.

RBLI Visit

2nd August 2016 By: Nic Brokenshire

15 members and partners, had a fascinating tour of Royal British Legion Industries at Aylesford, then presenting a cheque. Many thanks to Paul and Natalie of RBLI for organising it for us and for Chas for taking the photos.









Annual Golf Day

26th July 2016 By: Nic Brokenshire

Our thanks yet again to Geoff Wood for organising the 26th Riverside Rotary Golf Day at Bearsted Golf Club. Geoff, ably assisted by Mary and Steve on the day, persuded 8 Riversiders and 8 guests to partake of the golf and they were joined by 9 Rotarians and partners for the dinner.

The weather was perfect although the same couldn't be said for the golf which resulted in some poor scoring overall. Remarkably, Nic was able to retain the claret jug by beating Lloyd by one point.